Friday, September 17, 2010

Step Inside, Don't be Shy...

Get a sneak peek into my realm of fantasy and horror by checking out this blog feature of my art studio:

On my easel, you will find my latest painting titled "Midnight Burial".

Monday, September 13, 2010

*ExoSkeleton*-Latest Painting

I don't usually sell my paintings, but wanted to at least share my latest one! It's called *ExoSkeleton*, oil on 9"w x 12"h canvas.

My camera needs batteries so I apologize for the bad photo taken from my phone! I'll post better photos soon.

Something Spooky in the Air!

Could it be...Halloween?

With this favorite of holidays, I have created several new items in celebration! Whether you see it as a spiritual holiday, a time to relish in horror movies or just plain fun, please check out my latest creations!

Samhain Oil/Potion with Coffin

Samhain Potpourri/Incense

Vampire Blood with Coffin

For more Halloween fun, please check out my DIY project on the Etsy Dark Team Blog!