Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FREE! Fah-ree! Yes, A second Giveaway this month.

I just received two new Tarot decks (thank to Christmas/Yule gift cards!) and I want to try them out. With that being said, I will be giving away FREE one-card readings to practice working with my new decks. To enter, please leave a comment here with the following:

*A question you want to have answered
*Your deck of choice (Deviant Moon or Vampyre respectively)
*A way to contact you (email, etc)

You will receive a FREE one-card reading in a beautifully laid-out PDF featuring your card.

Deadline: January 31st. Winner will be chosen at that time, and reading will commence days shortly thereafter. The number of readings I give out will vary depending on how many people participate:
1-10 comments=1 reading
10-20 comments=2 readings
10 comments+=3 readings

Want a more in-depth reading? Contact me! I give discounts to Blogger followers and FB fans. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January's GIVEAWAY!

Based on Facebook votes, this month's Giveaway will be an original Day of the Dead drawing. This skull flower is a pencil and ink illustration on white paper, 8"w x 11"h. Frame is not included.

If you voted on my facebook page, then you automatically get one entry. By leaving a comment here (with a means to contact you), you may enter a second time. If you did not vote on facebook, simply leave a comment here to enter. Maximum two entries per person, and deadline is January 20th so act fast! Winner will be drawn at random. Contest is open to worldwide contestants. Good luck!