Thursday, December 17, 2009

Secret Scrooge Swap-Meet "Mary"!

I participated in an uber-fun Secret Scrooge Swap through the Etsy Dark Team. This is my creation, which was very well-received from my partner (she jokes that Mary is very photogenic and she is thinking of entering her in pageants). hehehe

This was very tricky for me, as I am NOT a sewer but I knew my partner liked this type of doll so took a stab at it. I'm sure it would have taken an experienced stitcher half the time it took me, but it was fun...I might make more dolls in the future!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tree Creepers in action!

I have a few photos from happy customers who haunted their trees! Don't they look cute?

One of these customers (who won the blog giveaway) is also an amazing artist; you should check out her work too!

Monday, December 7, 2009

DEC. CONTEST-Treasure Hunt!!!

Unleash your inner pirate with December's Blog Giveaway-the Treasure Hunt!

The premise is for you to find answers to the following questions by hunting in my etsy shops! The answers will either be in the first photo of the item or name of the item (that way you can find the answers at a glance) or in my shop announcements! Each entry with 100% correct answers uncovers a fun little surprise to be sent via etsy convo or email. :)


*Hunt for the answers in the following shops:

*Send a convoto me through etsy or an email to with your answers. DO NOT post them here or others will see your answers!

*Most of the answers will be clearly visible in my shop listings. IMPORTANT HINT: don't forget to check the "sold" section! Items that are sold between now and the drawing will be in with my sold orders.

*All correct entries will be placed in a hat for a drawing on New Year's Day, January 1st

WHAT WILL YOU WIN? That is the big question, right? A custom piece of art will be created for you based on your New Year's Resolution! I will send the winner a short questionnaire with likes/dislikes and their resolution theme. Leave the rest up to me! Not making a resolution? Give me a theme to work with instead!

The questions:

1) I listed 4 items in CoffinCritters on 11-23-2009. Name one of them.

2) I am closing one of these shops. Which shop is it, and name your favorite item from that shop.

3) I sell art prints. Give me the names of two of them.

4) What is the name of my unicorn doll/sculpture?

5) What colors are in my FLOURISH handpainted handbag?

6) Name one of my spell kits.

7) How many dragons am I selling in my GossamerHollow shop?

8) What do I offer for FREE with my Tree Creepers?

9) Why is Cadavra being offered at a discounted price?

10) Finish the name of this item: "Steampunk Flower________".

11) Name an item being offered at a "GREAT PRICE".

12) What is on Daemon Seed's coffin (besides him)?

13) What is the name of the shoes I am selling?

14) "Bathory in Blood" is a portrait of what type of fantasy/mytholigical creature?

15) What is the name of my Zombie Pixie Sculpture doll?

Thanks everyone and good luck!!! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.

CRAZY SALE-Name your own price!

I have 4 etsy shops, a full-time job, and a sick relative which are contributing to a serious time crunch! Because of this, I will be closing one of my etsy shops:

Gossamer Hollowear

What does that mean for you? It means you can name your own price! I want to clear out EVERYTHING!!! Just find an item you like, send me a convo with what you would like to pay for it (excluding shipping, I can't really change shipping costs). Any reasonable-and some crazy and UNreasonable-offers will be accepted! I will then modify the listing for you so you can purchase it.

Great deals for Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And the winner is...

Illustrated Ink!!!

Congrats girl, you have won my contest for a free personalized ornament! I will contact you to give you the details.

Thanks so much to everyone for entering! I will have another chance to win soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday Weekend Sales & New Stuff!

This weekend, all weekend, 2 of my Etsy shops will be having Black Friday sales! Good from Friday November 27th-Monday the 30th.

*click here* for 10% off credited back to your Paypal account

*click here* for 10% off credited back to your Paypal account AND a free gift!

You will find new items like this, and so much more!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creep Your Tree This Holiday Season!!!

For people who like a more unique and creepy approach to holiday decorating and gift-giving, my new Tree Creepers offer dark art at fantastic pricing! And right now, you can add a personalization at no charge.

And don't forget...comments get you entered into my contest to win a FREE ornament, personalized just for you!

Happy Haunted Holidays!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tree Creepers are coming! Hide your Santas!

Coming soon to my etsy shops (as soon as I can get my camera to work) is my new line of creepy holiday ornaments...Tree Creepers! Feast your festive eyes on these examples of non-traditional holiday decor! Do you like vampires? Zombies? Victorian Goths? Skeletons who think they are snowmen? Muertos skeletons? Then you will love these Creepers!

If you fancy lighter, more whimsical art then my up and coming Fae Keepers are more your style! Stay tuned for links and purchase info.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

NEW CONTEST!!! Who wants a free personalized Christmas gift?

Entering this contest is easy!

Simply leave a comment on at least one of my November blog posts (excluding this one) and your name will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a free personalized Christmas ornament! Your choice of style:


and you choose your own subject matter and colors! Just send me the text to personalize it, and leave the rest up to me! One winner will be chosen on December 1st. Your prize will be created, signed by the artist (moi) and shipped to you the first week of December! Just in time for the holidays.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Ornament size not to exceed 1.5"w x 3"h. Will be made of polymer clay at artist's discretion.

HOW-TO: Make your own "Crystal" Ball with stand for around $5!

Etsy Dark Team gave me an idea to start doing How-tos once in awhile.

This is a really fun, easy project that is great for kids also! It won't break the bank either. :) Try using these as centerpieces for receptions and parties, or add them to your Halloween decor. Or do what I do...leave yours out all the time to enjoy!

Difficulty level: 2 (1 being least difficult, 5 being most difficult)

Time: Really depends on how involved you want to get with this. Can take 1/2 hour, or many hours. Dry time is up to a week.


Materials needed:

*Clear glass Christmas Ornament Ball, approx. $.50
*Taper candle stick, can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Dollar Stores usually have plenty of them, and they work just fine.
*Transparent glass paint, (like Delta) approx. $2.50. Your choice of color, but my personal preference is a white shimmer.
*Embellishments (optional) such as beads, findings, tags, trims, natural materials, glue

1) Carefully remove the metal base from the glass ball. You will not need it for this project, so you may recycle it for another project! :)

2) Very cautiously, squirt small amounts of paint into the hole at the base of the glass. As you do this, shake, rotate and swirl the glass orb until you have a THIN, fairly even coat. Does not have to be perfectly even.

3) Place the glass orb with the hole towards the top (so air can get to it to dry the paint) on a safe surface, or in your candle stick. At least twice a day, shake and rotate the orb to ensure even paint coverage. You may add small amounts of paint if needed. This may take a few days to a week or so, depending on the brand of paint and the thickness of the coat, but you will want to continue to do this until the paint is dry.

4) While waiting for your glass orb to become dry and coated evenly, you may opt to decorate the candle stick, as this will be the base of your crystal ball.

5) Once glass orb is dry and base is to your liking, insert the orb into the base with the hole facing downward. Voila! You made a lifelike "crystal" ball!


I welcome your comments on this, and remember to stop by etsy shops and take a look around!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Been Awhile...

I haven't kept up with my blog diligently as of late, for reasons relating to personal and business matters. I want to try to post at least once a month...I suppose that is my November resolution!

In news...I have proudly been accepted into the Etsy Dark Side Street Team!

I think it is so important to promote art/artist, and I think "dark" artists often get lost in the mainstream! Please keep this group in mind for your holiday shopping, and don't forget to visit my etsy shops!

Coming soon (hopefully tomorrow), is a new line of holiday ornaments called "Tree Creepers"! Affordable, adorable, and creepy pieces of art to deck your tree with a slightly darker flair! I have lighter and more fantasy-themed pieces coming soon as well. Look for photos and thanks for reading!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh the Insanity!

I am very late on my July Whimsical Monthly! In fact, you may not see it until August. Because of this, I will have two drawings in August for free art! But there is a tiny catch. To be eligible for the drawings, you must leave a comment to this post regarding one (or both) of my new shops! Everyone who leaves a comment is entered in the drawing. If you comment on both shops, you will be entered twice!

Until I get a chance to organize my thoughts and type them out, here is a bit of eye candy to give you a sneak peek:

Click here for my new clothing and accessory shop!

Coffin Critters now have their own shop as well! Click here to see.

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

~Tattoo Artist Wannabe Me~

I get to do face painting on kids this weekend! What a fun and easy way to make some extra cash. Of course, I'll have the usual balloons, flowers, etc. But I thought, why not pretend like I'm a tattoo artist and create my own set of Flash? This is one page of the flash, which are tattoo-inspired designs. Fun, Fun.

Monday, June 15, 2009

+~+The Bone Juggler+~+

Come one, come all and feast you eyes upon this amazing spectacle of talent and macabre! This is no ordinary juggling clown. Look closely and you will see he is juggling...bones? Alas! Your eyes do not deceive you. Watch in amazement as he gracefully tosses human remains in the air!

Oil on canvas, this painting ended up as something completely different than what I had in mind for it! It was originally going to make this a cave, with a little gothic girl holding bones and looking distraught. My new obsession for HBO and Showtime series had other things in mind for this piece! I have been getting "True Blood", "Dexter" and "Carnivale" on Netflix and am completely hooked on these shows. I was watching "Carnivale" when this painting came to life.

ACEO and prints are available here in my etsy shop!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

~*Pixy Dust Bottle*~

A little whimsical piece of home decor can't hurt! I have several of these cuties I will be adding to Ebay, but here is the first. She is made from polymer clay, beads, wire, and has a cork stopper.


You can now bid on my artwork on ebay! My first listing is up now:

All bids welcome. :)

Her name is Summer and she is a brightly-colored OOAK fairy art doll. She is free-standing or may be hung by a pretty ribbon or cord.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

~*Whimsical Monthly-June*~

My first Whimsical Monthly News on Blogger!

Happy June everyone! Summer is almost officially here and I hope everyone is enjoying their spring so far!

I have slowed down a bit on art shows and fairs, due to lack of time. I still have my work up in Susty's Vegan Cafe in Northwood NH, and Lotus and Orchid Gallery in Keene NH.

After three a year hiatus from painting, I have created a new painting! See my blog "Bathory in Blood" to take a look at it. I love and welcome your comments! I am working on another painting as well, and have the background featured in another blog.

June's monthly drawing winner is Chloe T! Congratulations, Chloe! You win an edition ACEO art card that is signed and dated. Your prize will ship soon!

Please don't wait until the next Whimsical Monthly to view my blog-stop by and check up on me anytime!

Useful Whimsical Links:

If you are not on my mailing list, you can sign up by emailing me Your name is automatically entered into a monthly drawing for FREE ART and you receive monthly, exclusive coupons and discounts.

~*Bathory in Blood*~

She stares at herself in the mirror after her routine ritual bath. Eyes wide, Countess Bathory looks for signs of everlasting youth. With her hair stained red, evidence dripping from her mouth, she asks one of her servants for a towel...

I just finished this oil on canvas. I have prints available on my etsy shop and ACEO cards upon request!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

~*Works in Progress*~

Now because my studio currently looks like this, I have been ousted to paint in my living room. These are the backgrounds
for the two oils I am working on. *grr oils take so long to dry*More progress pics coming soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

~*~*Ruled by Vampyres*~*~

Although I've always loved them, it seems like these blood-craving creatures are ruling me lately! Baby vampire sculptures, graphics, paintings, movies...I just cant stop! They are draining the life out of me.

I am working on 2 paintings right now that are vamp-inspired as well.

Check back in a couple of days for photos of my paintings as work-in-progress! Thanks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Blogger

Thank you for viewing my new blog!

For those of you that are on my Gossamer Monthly mailing list, you will now get the same great information and monthly specials...just in blog form! Check in as often as you'd like, and I will be emailing you updates as well.

For those of you not on my mailing about it? Just email me at and I will be happy to add you. As a mailing list member, you will be privy to special coupons, specials, upcoming events, and a FREE drawing to win art EVERY MONTH!

I am still getting this thing started, so if my page and info are lacking, they won't be for long!

Check back often, and please see what's new in my etsy store: