Monday, June 15, 2009

+~+The Bone Juggler+~+

Come one, come all and feast you eyes upon this amazing spectacle of talent and macabre! This is no ordinary juggling clown. Look closely and you will see he is juggling...bones? Alas! Your eyes do not deceive you. Watch in amazement as he gracefully tosses human remains in the air!

Oil on canvas, this painting ended up as something completely different than what I had in mind for it! It was originally going to make this a cave, with a little gothic girl holding bones and looking distraught. My new obsession for HBO and Showtime series had other things in mind for this piece! I have been getting "True Blood", "Dexter" and "Carnivale" on Netflix and am completely hooked on these shows. I was watching "Carnivale" when this painting came to life.

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Gothic Southern Belle Art said...

OOOOh...what a curious lovely ! I love it ! ~Nina.

faerydustpixy said...

Thank you. Quite different from the usual faeries and such that I paint!