Monday, December 7, 2009

DEC. CONTEST-Treasure Hunt!!!

Unleash your inner pirate with December's Blog Giveaway-the Treasure Hunt!

The premise is for you to find answers to the following questions by hunting in my etsy shops! The answers will either be in the first photo of the item or name of the item (that way you can find the answers at a glance) or in my shop announcements! Each entry with 100% correct answers uncovers a fun little surprise to be sent via etsy convo or email. :)


*Hunt for the answers in the following shops:

*Send a convoto me through etsy or an email to with your answers. DO NOT post them here or others will see your answers!

*Most of the answers will be clearly visible in my shop listings. IMPORTANT HINT: don't forget to check the "sold" section! Items that are sold between now and the drawing will be in with my sold orders.

*All correct entries will be placed in a hat for a drawing on New Year's Day, January 1st

WHAT WILL YOU WIN? That is the big question, right? A custom piece of art will be created for you based on your New Year's Resolution! I will send the winner a short questionnaire with likes/dislikes and their resolution theme. Leave the rest up to me! Not making a resolution? Give me a theme to work with instead!

The questions:

1) I listed 4 items in CoffinCritters on 11-23-2009. Name one of them.

2) I am closing one of these shops. Which shop is it, and name your favorite item from that shop.

3) I sell art prints. Give me the names of two of them.

4) What is the name of my unicorn doll/sculpture?

5) What colors are in my FLOURISH handpainted handbag?

6) Name one of my spell kits.

7) How many dragons am I selling in my GossamerHollow shop?

8) What do I offer for FREE with my Tree Creepers?

9) Why is Cadavra being offered at a discounted price?

10) Finish the name of this item: "Steampunk Flower________".

11) Name an item being offered at a "GREAT PRICE".

12) What is on Daemon Seed's coffin (besides him)?

13) What is the name of the shoes I am selling?

14) "Bathory in Blood" is a portrait of what type of fantasy/mytholigical creature?

15) What is the name of my Zombie Pixie Sculpture doll?

Thanks everyone and good luck!!! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.