Sunday, May 9, 2010

May's Contest...3 Winners, 4 Choices

Isn't it great to pick your own contest prize? Well this month, you can!

May's contest features your choice of necklaces:

*Graveyard Dust
*Pixy Dust-Midnight Sparkle (dark blue/silver Pixy Dust)
*Pixy Dust-Day Sparkle (White/iridescent Pixy Dust)
*Vampire Blood Drop

Because the prizes are smaller, I am going to have 3 winners! Would you like to be one of them? All you have to do is:

  • Be, or become a facebook fan here:!/pages/GossamerHollow/177873799537
  • Leave a post here with your FAVORITE item from any of my shops:

That's all ya gotta do! 3 winners will be chosen at random at the end of this month. Each winner may choose their prize from the necklaces listed above.

Please Note: Each comment you leave here with a favorite item will get you an entry. The more comments/faves you leave, the more you will be entered (up to 5 times)!

Good luck and have a whimsical day.


Kelsey the Ewok said...

I am a facebook fan (under Kelsey Burroughs)!

From Coffin Critters I LOVE your skull grave yard dust bottles!

To ensure no confusion, I'll tell you the rest of my favorites in separate comments!


Kelsey the Ewok said...

I also love your Gothic Lolita mini-tophat from FaeryDustPixy


Kelsey the Ewok said...

From Gossmer Designs I really like your Skull swirl digital scrapbook page, if only I was into scrapbooking!

I love halloween art and purple and black are my favorite colors!


Kelsey the Ewok said...

I also love your Bathory in Blood painting. I don't think that counts, but I still love it!



PS: Sorry for the comment overload, I wanted to keep everything separate!

faerydustpixy said...

Thanks so much, Kelsey! All of your comments count as an entry, so you have been entered 4 times! :)

CricketSaunders said...

I am a facebook fan

CricketSaunders said...

i like the SKULL DUST-Skull Graveyard Dust Bottles

calej said...

Like your Mend My Broken Heart-Valentine Gift Set! So pretty!
Thanks so very much for the chance!


calej said...

Latisha is soooo pretty too!

Christina (again)!

@ByHandGiveaways said...

Fan! (Tags buttons)

love the
Stardust Jewelry Set

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com
get this giveaway free exposure too at

Illustrated Ink said...

I'm a fan on Facebook!! :)

My fav CoffinCritters item are the "SKULL DUST-Skull Graveyard Dust Bottles" - Although, my forever fav is the holiday custom ornament you made me!!

From GossamerHollow I think the "Flower Door" is lovely - I love painting on cabinet doors too, and I like the look of yours!

Thanks for the giveaway!! ~Leila

faerydustpixy said...

I've added you all to the list, based on number of faves! Thanks so much!

Unicorn Girl said...

Gothicorn, of course!

faerydustpixy said...

Unicorn Girl, ya don't say! lol

Crystal P said...

I am a facebook fan and I love the color in bathory!

crystalmarieporter at gmail dot com

Crystal P said...

The zombies pantry is super awesome. My best friend is a zombie lover and this would be perfect for her!
crystalmarieporter at gmail dot com

Crystal P said...

This... this is awesome!

faerydustpixy said...

Crystal, this contest for May has ended. But because you were so nice to comment, I will enter you automatically into my next contest! Thanks for the great comments, and for being a fan. :)

kiwibubbles said...

Truthfully I really adore the vampire necklace and pixie dust bulbs. :3

I have become a fan