Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July's GIVEAWAY! "Little Lolita" Original Illustration

The Etsy Dark Team is reaching 1000 fans! In celebration, I'm running this fun Giveaway to thank Dark Side fans for their support!

You will win this lovely ORIGINAL (-this is not a print!-) pen and ink illustration, "Little Lolita". It is 8"w x 11" h and signed by the artist. Frame in photos is for presentation only. Frame not included.

I like to keep my Contests and Giveaways easy, so this is all you have to do to enter:

1) Become a Gossamer Hollow Facebook Fan

2) Become an Etsy Dark Team Facebook Fan

3) Leave a comment here critiquing the price of any item in my Gossamer Hollow or Coffin Critters shops. Is the price too high? Too low? Just right? Let me know what you think!

You may leave as many comments as you want, but commenting will get you a maximum of one entry.

How do you gain more entries?
Any order placed (including custom) from either of the above shops will give you an additional 4 entries, for a total of 5. There is no minimum to buy!

This contest is open to everyone world-wide. Contest ends July 31st and winner will be announced the first week of August.


Custom Zombie said...

I'm already a fan of both your Facebook page and the Dark Side Team's. :)

I absolutely love your "Mini Me Coffin Critters" but I think you are probably not charging enough to get a fair wage for your time! Maybe I'm wrong and you can crank them out in a very short time but I would think that the custom part makes it take longer than your unique creations. Ask what you're worth! :)

faerydustpixy said...

You are entered, CZ! Thanks for participating. You are right...much of my work is priced on the low side at the moment, considering the time put into creating. Your feedback is very helpful!

Illustrated Ink said...

Already a fan of yours and our dark team! ;)

I love your new mini tea light holders! Your prices are very reasonable, but I agree with Rikki, I'm concerned that you are not making enough for your time.

Ruth Schaller said...

Hey there! It's so awesome that edt reached 1000+ fans on facebook. I love the little skeletomB 3 pendant! It's adorable and priced just right!

mom2girls said...

I don't have a face book page I am afraid, but do follow your blog - not sure if just the one counts -
your in a catch 22 as far as I can see - your prices are super low, but that could mean lots of sales to the right people (like this single income momma) BUT, some people are price snobs and will actually not buy products under certain prices - not sure on this one. I like your prices on everything, perhaps I would make the prints more - your work is amazing, I love it.

nitebyrd said...

I'm a FB fan of both already! I think your prices are very good in both shops.

Little Lolita is gorgeous and I'd love to "hang" her in my house!

kiddo said...

I'm a fan of both your facebook page and the EDT.

I think that your prices are extremely reasonable!

kiddomsg at gmail dot com

kataclysmic said...

I'm a fan of both on FB :) is an example of your really great prices. You have these awesome creations and they're so affordable!!

Egle said...

I went to Gossamer Hollow. I saw you have a very nice piece there named Faery Looking Forward. I think for this quality you could even ask more money for it than you are doing now.

Good luck!

allisonsbj3 said...

Etsy dark team follower! Beautiful drawings!

Static White said...

I'm a fan of your Facebook & the EDT's Facebook already :D

I can't get my own prices right so I don't know if my opinion counts but I do agree with Rikki!