Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to compose a Creepy Easter Basket!

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, it is always fun to celebrate the season of upcoming spring! Some of us are not very traditional, and pink fluffy bunnies with pastel plastic eggs just won't suffice. To be used as a gift for yourself or someone else, or as a neat piece of home decor for the season, here are some suggestions on making Creeper Basket...on a budget!

First, you need the basket. It does not need to be a traditional woven basket, or even a basket at all A really neat container will work, or try painting a basket black with spray paint. If you are creatively challenged, try one of these:

Ok, now you have your basket. What's next? It is now time to start thinking of what you would like your color scheme to be. Some kind of fill would be nice. No green plastic pastel "grass" here! Instead, try some moss or recycled fibers. Shred your own paper in black, red, purple, or whatever would match you color scheme. Even one of these ideas would be great:

It's starting to really look like something now! But the project is not over, because you still need to fill your basket with gifts and treats. Although they do not need to be the light & bright plastic eggs, this IS an Easter basket. What would it be without eggs of some sort? Here are some non-traditional ideas, that are also beautiful gifts/decor:

What else? Well you can't go wrong with a stuffed animal! But in this creeper basket, Peter cottontail is not allowed. Maybe try one of these instead:

Just a couple more steps left! Gotta have treats or candy in your basket. Some of these, perhaps:

Your basket looks great! Just a few finishing touches, and you are DONE! Feel free to tie a black bow or ribbon to it for a final touch. These goodies would also make great additions to your basket:

There! You have successfully created a fun, non-traditional Easter Basket. Enjoy!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I love non-traditional and this is awesome!